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Apex Connect

Your Connected Vehicle Advantage

Never worry about the location or condition of your vehicle again.  The Apex Connect app allows you to easily and intuitively “Connect” with your vehicle.  Locate your vehicle on demand, monitor vehicle health and usage, receive maintenance reminders, and get information to empower your ownership experience!

Today’s vehicles are more complex and sophisticated than ever before.  The average automobile on the road today contains more computers, electronics and integrated circuitry than the Apollo 11 rocket that landed the first men on the moon!  The good news is that you do not have to be a certified mechanic or computer genius to protect and maintain your automotive investment.  Your Apex Connect App monitors critical systems in your vehicle and relays the information you need to know right to your cell phone, tablet or laptop. 

The Apex Connect App


-Keeps You Connected in Real Time
-Locates Your Vehicle Instantly
-Helps You Monitor and Maintain Vehicle Health


-Customize Your Notifications
-Driver Safety Tools
-Trip History and Events


-Secure Your Vehicle
-Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance
-Investigate Potential Insurance Savings


-Assure Optimum Performance
-Extend the Life of Your Vehicle
-Maintain the Lowest Cost of Ownership
-Protect Your Vehicle’s Value

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